A Tuscan farmhouse – the beauty of a Tuscan casa colonica

The Tuscan farmhouse is among the most attractive of all forms of vernacular architecture, perhaps equalled in aesthetic appeal only by the villages of the M’zab in the Algerian Sahara. In contrast to the M’zab, Tuscany is, of course, easily accessible to all and a great many of these beautiful Tuscan farmhouses have been sensitively restored and can be rented as holiday homes for a few days to a few months.

Tuscan farmhouse vacation homes in Tuscany

A great shot of a Tuscan casa colonica – a traditional Tuscan farmhouse.

The interior decoration of these holiday homes in Tuscany is usually “Tuscan country style” which often includes genuine Tuscan antiques that have been in the family for generations, as well as comfortable modern furniture created in the style of the countryside. Bathrooms and kitchens are almost always completely modern in terms of utility while retaining the look of the original farmhouse – large fireplace, long wooden tables, terracotta floor tiles and so on.

Chianti farmhouse holiday home in Tuscany

A beautiful Tuscan farmhouse built over the centuries around a mediaeval tower.

I think that few vacation experiences surpass staying in rural Tuscany in a farmhouse surrounded by cypress trees and vineyards, perhaps a swimming pool discretely placed among the pine trees, and yet with the great art cities of Florence, Sienna and Pisa less than an hour away. With the increase in the number of vacation rentals in Tuscany, as I have proposed recently, Europe’s most affordable vacation destination could be Tuscany.

Maybe now is the moment to take advantage of it!

My recommended Tuscan farmhouse vacation accommodations.

Tuscan vacation villa and farmhouse rentals in Tuscany.

Elena Spolaor

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Although Elena was born in Venice, she was brought up in Tuscany and is a historian and frequent contributor to online articles about life in Tuscany and Umbria. Her specialities are Tuscan and Umbrian local history and folklore.

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2 Responses to “A Tuscan farmhouse – the beauty of a Tuscan casa colonica

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Elena, we’re thinking of renting a farmhouse in Tuscany for our vacation during September. What’s the story with regard to bugs, especially mosquitoes? Are they a problem and if so what can we do about them?

    • Elena Spolaor Chianti Travel Expert elena says:

      Hello Lisa, since farmhouses are in the country, there will always be bugs. None of them are a problem other than mosquitoes – mostly at night. When sleeping, make use of the mosquito net that is usually provided. I also recommend the electrical socket plugin insect repellant devices – these work well even if you leave the windows open all night. During the day, you might want to apply mosquito repellant to exposed skin, especially feet, ankles and neck, and if you’re dining outside, use citronella candles. Always carry a tube of anti-histamine gel and apply it immediately and liberally if you get bitten.

      Don’t worry too much about mosquitoes – after all lots of people live in Tuscany without suffering excessively!

      Here are two useful links with more detailed information:

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