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Vitigliano – a unique boutique hotel and spa experience in Tuscany

Vitigliano boutique hotel and spa in Tuscany

Vitigliano is the name of a tiny “borgo“, an ancient farming hamlet, grouped around an ancient watch tower that formed part of the defences of the castle of Panzano in central Chianti. In fact, although the first documentation of Vitigliano dates back to 1085, the original settlement was probably Roman. This year, 2014, the restoration

Corte di Valle, where you can stay in a real Tuscan villa in Chianti

Corte di Valle - stay in a real Tuscan villa in Chianti

On your next visit to Tuscany, if there are not enough of you to rent an entire villa to yourselves, you nevertheless have a chance to experience living in a genuine Tuscan villa, namely at Corte di Valle where you can stay in a real Tuscan villa in Chianti. The villa of Corte di Valle

Best place to stay as a base to explore Tuscany

One of my strongest recommendations for getting the most out of your vacation in Tuscany is to choose a single base and explore Tuscany from there. Why do I say that? I find that many visitors to Tuscany greatly underestimate the amount of time that will be lost each time they change accommodation. That includes

A Tuscan farmhouse – the beauty of a Tuscan casa colonica

Case coloniche - the beauty of Tuscan farmhouses

The Tuscan farmhouse is among the most attractive of all forms of vernacular architecture, perhaps equalled in aesthetic appeal only by the villages of the M’zab in the Algerian Sahara. In contrast to the M’zab, Tuscany is, of course, easily accessible to all and a great many of these beautiful Tuscan farmhouses have been sensitively

Europe’s most affordable vacation destination could be Tuscany

Europe's most affordable vacation destination Tuscany

Anna Maria Baldini has recently posted that Tuscany could be Europe’s most affordable vacation destination. In terms of value for money, I agree with that 100%. There’s no doubt that Tuscany provides inexpensive, even cheap, options in terms of vacation accommodation, food, wine and transport. Plus, of course, all the things that were always free

Luxury Chianti Classico getaway

Villa Bordoni luxury hotel near Greve in Chianti, Tuscany

Not only out of this world rooms but a gourmet restaurant – not surprisingly since the Villa is owned by David Gardner who owns and manages two excellent restaurants in Florence. Villa Bordoni luxury Chianti Classico getaway, has only 10 rooms and suites, all are furnished with flair and originality with furniture and fabrics of

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