The garden of Villa Gamberaia in Tuscany near Florence

Of all the Renaissance villa gardens of Tuscany, perhaps none is so perfect as the garden of Villa Gamberaia in Tuscany near Florence. The garden of Villa Gamberaia represents one of the finest examples of the integration of an italianate garden into the architecture of a Tuscan villa.

The garden of the Villa Gamberaia in Tuscany near Florence

The garden of the Villa Gamberaia in Tuscany near Florence

Among the outstanding villa gardens of Tuscany, few have retained as much of their original design and distinctive character through the course of four centuries as Villa Gamberaia. From the first decades of the 17 C, when the wealthy Florentine merchant Zanobi Lapi built this imposing villa on the hillside of Settignano (1610–1630) and his nephews laid out the main areas of the garden, generations of owners have maintained and improved the property without significantly modifying its basic plan. Almost nowhere else does the integration of the garden into the concept of the villa reach the perfection achieved at Villa Gamberaia. Not only is the garden a seamless part of the architecture, but it integrates, in its form as a hanging garden, the landscape itself, consciously emulating the gardens of ancient Rome.

Until recently, only the gardens could be visited but it is now possible to stay at this classic Tuscan villa. Some of the buildings within the grounds have been converted into self-catering guest houses and there are en suite rooms within the villa itself that may be rented for your vacation. This really is an incredible opportunity to stay in one of the most famous and beautiful villas in Tuscany.

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